October Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a period used to raise awareness about the devastating impact of Breast Cancer.
It’s estimated that 7.8 million women have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the last five years making it the world’s prevalent cancer.
In 2020 about 2.3 million women were diagnosed with cancer globally and about 685,0000 died. ( Healthline publication).

The breast cancer challenge in developing countries like Nigeria is pathetic and frightening due to the collapse of the healthcare system exacerbated by bad governance and global economic meltdown.
David Omenukor Foundation has for the past few years been on rescue mission providing free mammogram screening for these vulnerable women who cannot afford a decent meal in a day let alone money for mammogram screening.

Consequently most of the women are suffering from the agony and devastation of cancer and avoidable deaths because their cancer condition was not detected early enough.
A donation to support this cause can make a world of difference and save one life.
DOF is targeting to provide 1000 women with free mammogram screening starting from October.
Your financial support and encouragement can change the story.

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